TGS (‘Transportadora de Gas del Sur S.A.’) is the most important gas transportation company in the country, and it operates the largest pipeline system in Latin America. It is also a leading company in the production and commercialization of NGL (‘natural gas liquids’) for domestic and export markets, conducting this business from the General Cerri Complex located in Bahía Blanca, Province of Buenos Aires. TGS also provides comprehensive solutions in the natural gas area and, since 1998, it has also landed in the telecommunications area through its controlled company Telcosur S.A. As of December 31, 2023, Pampa holds a 26.5% interest in TGS. To see more information about TGS’s tariff situation, click here.


The following charts summarizes the technical and financial information of TGS:

Technical Data 2022 2023
Gas transportation
Average firm capacity contracted (in million m3 per day) 83.0 83.2
Average delivery (in million m3 per day) 68.6 66.8
Production and commercialization of liquids
Total liquids production (in thousand ton) 1,123 1,134
Gas processing capacity (in million m3 per day) 47.0 47.0
Storage capacity (in thousand ton) 54.0 54.0
Financial Data(1) 2022 2023
Revenues 929 560
Fiscal year‘s results, attributable to company’s shareholders
182 29
Assets 2,326 1,888
Liabilities 818 829
Shareholders’ Equity 1,508 1,058

(1)Annual financial statements figures under International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS), in million pesos, adjusted by inflation as of December 31, 2022 and 2023 and restated at the closing FX of each period.