Parque Pilar Thermal Power Plant (‘CTPP’)

In Northern Greater Buenos Aires CTPP is located, in the Pilar Industrial Complex, district of Pilar. The plant consists of 6 Wärtsilä engines with an approximate 43% efficiency. It has a total 100 MW capacity and may indistinctly consume fuel oil stored in own tanks or natural gas supplied through a dedicated gas pipeline connected with TGN (‘Transportadora de Gas del Norte’)’s main gas pipeline. The energy is evacuated through a 132 kV line connected to the Pilar substation. From 2018 to 2023, its historical average annual generation was 241 GWh, with a generation record high of 321 GWh in 2022 and a record low of 168 GWh in 2019.


The following chart shows certain relevant statistical data on CTPP:

2022 2023
Net Generation (GWh) 321 274
Purchases of Energy (GWh)
Total Energy Sales (GWh) 321 274


Technical Data

Plant Unit Installed Capacity (MW) Efficiency Fuel Start-Up Type of Unit
CTPP PILBDI01~06 100 45% Natural gas or fuel oil 2017 6 motor generators