Expansion Projects

Project MW Marketing Currency Awarded price Estimated capex in US$ million1 Date of commissioning
Capacity per MW-month Variable per MWh Total per MWh Budget % Executed @ 12/31/23
Closing to CC Ensenada
279 PPA for 10 years
US$ 23,962 10.5 43 253 99% 22-Feb-2023
Pampa Energía IV 81 MAT ER US$ na na 582 128 97% 17-Jun-2023
Pampa Energía VI 139.5 MAT ER US$ na na 622 269 52% Q4 2024 (est.)

Note: SE: Secretariat of Energy. CCGT: combined cycle gas turbine. PPA: Power Purchase Agreement. Est.: estimated. MAT ER: Term Market from Renewable Energy Sources. Na: not applicable. ST: Steam turbine. GT: Gas turbine. 1 Amounts without value-added tax (VAT). 2 Estimated average.